Saturday, 27 October 2012

So Much To Say...So Little Time

After quite a lengthy hiatus, I have finally found myself a little time to update this blog.

A new, cleaner page layout, and the chance to write a new post. I should probably do something about that dreadful profile picture but, hey, it hasn't put either of my readers off so far.

The problem is; what to blog about? So much to say but so little time. Since my last post about (ir)responsibility in film advertising, a wide range of topics have presented themselves for comment but, luckily for the world at large, I haven't had the time to sound off about any of them. Here is just a short list of potential subjects;

The Olympics and Paralympics, the dismantling of the NHS, the erosion of the education system, Bradford Odeon, Bradford itself, opportunities for young people, Michael Bloody Gove and his iniquitous plans to sell off school playing fields, the building of increasingly rich (in the right sense) cultural and creative communities to kick-start regeneration, etc. etc.

None of them particularly original, all of them discussed in-depth elsewhere, but each of them worthy of attention. The problem has been finding the time to make more than a passing comment on anything - being so busy at work that the idea of indulging my opinionated self with the opportunity to whinge seems ridiculous - being there for the family, not away in cyberspace disappearing up my own rhetoric. But...I have missed having the chance to express an opinion once in a while.

So the plan is to get back in the writing saddle and ride the range of opportunity.

Thank you for your patience.

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