Thursday, 23 July 2009

Tempus Fugit

My gosh! How time flies! I can't quite believe that it has been rather more than a year since I last managed to post. Then again, it has been quite a busy year. The full time job in education is still as demanding as ever (don't get me started on changes to the funding methodology for further education here in the uk!) and the theatre company continue to go from strength to strength.
I re-read my last post and had to smile as, at the time of posting, we are back in rehearsal for a revival of Animal Farm. We have several new cast members this time and, to date, eight shows lined up for the tour. We are revisiting this play mainly because we have been commissioned to do so by the National Media Museum. Earlier in the year they asked us to perform George Orwell's 1984 as part of the sixtieth anniversary of the novel's publication. We were delighted to be asked and the subsequent production - which I will make the subject of another post soon - was very well received. Once that production had been seen to be a success, the NMM asked us to do Animal Farm again to fit in with an exhibition called 'Animalism' that they are hosting until the end of September 2009. So we have three dates in September when we will be donning the underwear and mud again.
I just thought I'd check in and add another post. I must get around to adding some photos too, really. Time allowing this will be done soon. Regards from the Zoo