Tuesday, 10 June 2008

It's a full-time job!

Holding down a full-time job in the education sector is challenging enough. Constant change in Government policy, ever present targets and the increased marketisation of education keeps us all on our toes. Throw into the mix a growing family and the desire to spend quality time with them, and it's easy to find your days fuller still.
So why then do I also work as part of a small-scale theatre company? Well, because I believe that the soul needs nurturing; my soul, the soul of the city we work from, and the souls of the people who take the time to come and see what we do. I also think that there is something very powerful in the shared experience of live theatre. We aim to take our work out to people who might not necessarily see theatre-going as something they do. We are in the business of generating a future audience and future performers. This is where my twin roles (taking the fatherhood out of the equation for a minute) coexist. The company was formed by graduates and staff of an evening acting class. We maintain strong links with our College roots, and we aim to give young (and not so young) people their first professional experience of theatre making. I think that's a fairly noble ambition - and that's why I don't mind having several full-time jobs.

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Fred Hogge said...

Well said! A noble ambition, and more power to you! Looking forward to checking in with the blog in the future.